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On 11/9/22 we had with us

Steve Alley, President at JSA Group LLC

Steve Alley

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Sharing Now Available to Larger Companies!
The ICHRA gives smart CFOs an alternative to Insurance

Every Wednesday and Thursday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts a Zoom webinar from 12pm -1pm.

This Webinar is currently co-hosted by Charles Frohman and Jim Grapek, inviting a variety of innovative and freedom-loving activists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Please join us weekly and help us to continue the conversation. 

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Most innovative CFOs believe funding their own employees’ health costs makes the only alternative to hiring an insurance company to pay bills.  Companies with fewer than 50 workers - mostly uninsured - have been adding benefits also with an insurance alternative, called Medical Cost Sharing.

Sharing is to insurance what credit unions are to banks: a shareholder-free alternative allowing profits to be driven back into better service and pricing for members.  Sharing costs half what insurance charges, and usually dispenses with networks that limit doctor choice:  So Sharing expands to access to any healer, worldwide.

Unlike insurance, however, Sharing phases in pre-existing conditions.  So anyone with a recent bout of cancer, heart disease or any other condition that might blow up in the first year with a Sharing Community, has to settle for ObamaCare.

Instead of fighting ObamaCare, advisors are not coupling it with Sharing - so most employees can upgrade to a non-network Sharing option, while sicker workers get insurance.  This combo is available now for businesses with more than 50 workers, via an account called the ICHRA - individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement.

Adding tax advantaged Health Savings Accounts, Direct Primary Care or money-doubling Health Matching Accounts, CFOs halve their costs and workers get cadillac protection.  For years Mr. Alley has been replacing insurance with innovative benefits that make for a happy workplace.

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