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Captain Sherry Walker

On April 7, 2022 we had with us Captain Sherry Walker, cofounder, Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom

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Covid MANDATES Ruined Flying for Pilots & Passengers

As whistleblowers are exposing institutional heads for attempting to hide disability and deaths related to Covid vaccine mandates, one area worthy of attention is the US airline industry. 


Last summer, United Airlines’ CEO Scott Kirby announced a company-wide mandate creating the first 100% vaccinated US Carrier.  At first, the mandate was sold to the employees as a safety measure.  However, it became obvious to US Federal Judge, Mark Pittman, this was merely a “pretextual” claim for marketing purposes.  Why else would the CEO ground almost 400 of its most experienced pilots, 800+ flight attendants, and impose draconian and retaliatory policies on 2000 of its loyal employees, pitting vaccinated co-workers against un-vaccinated?


Captain Walker’s organization is leading the charge against draconian mandates at United and elsewhere.  Currently, the United employees’ case is awaiting a determination in 5th Cir. Court of Appeals before it returns to Judge Pittman’s courtroom to proceed on the merits.  While United has recalled its employees, their fight is far from over.  They are battling to be made whole while facing an adversarial return-to-work process.  


At the same time, employees across many airlines are suffering vaccine harm. Indeed, late last year, a group of prominent physicians, flight surgeons, and representatives from the  Children’s Health Defense (CHD) demanded airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration address these concerns by requiring blood and cardiological testing to ensure no vaccinated pilot is in violation of their medical  certification, thereby placing in jeopardy the national airspace system.  CHD called for an investigation into reports of heightened cases of myocarditis, blood clots, Guillion Barre, neurological impairment, and tinnitus, in the US pilot population.  Meanwhile, the flying public is becoming frustrated with the continuance of mask mandates – which has caused an increase in onboard behavioral issues.


As former Blackrock investor and Wall Street insider Edward Dowd shared in March, insurers are reporting extreme increases – of 50% in some cases – in disability and deaths since the introduction of these injections. It is past time to investigate these COVID perps and end all mandates.

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