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Continuing the Conversation
On 7/27/22 we had with us Scott Tips, President and General Counsel of the National Health Federation

Scott Tips

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Codex Alimentarius Commission Establishes New Food Groups – including Crickets, Ticks, Rat Meat. Are you Ready?

Scott Tips, President and General Counsel of the National Health Federation (NHF) – the oldest health freedom advocacy group in the world – will be filling us in on what Klaus Schwab’s minions at CODEX would like us to be dining on by 2030.  And if you think it’s chateaubriand, tartiflette, and asparagus tips, you would, unfortunately, be wrong. 

Never heard of CODEX?  The Codex Alimentarius Commission came together back in the 60’s, a step child of some of our favorite players: the World Health Organization and UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).  In short, the CODEX meetings are where the globalists come together to work on harmonizing (HARM-onizing?) global food standards and all things food related.  The NHF, founded in the 1950’s, happens to be the ONLY advocacy group allowed to have representation at these talks. Good thing, too. Without them, for example, nobody would have stood up against glyphosate, so they deserve a big thanks from all of us little guys (humans).

At the recent June/July CODEX meetings which the NHF attended, new food groups were introduced which Scott will be talking about.  They include – and I’m laughing and feeling kind of queasy at the same time – 

  • Dog Meat (Not dog food, this would be dog meat as a food for you and I.)

  • Rat Meat (We could joke about this but don’t want Taco Hell to come after us)

  • Crickets and caterpillars? (Our connection was breaking up), and

  • Ticks, Lice, and Earwigs (O.M.G.)


I do hope he was kidding about the last one, or I heard it wrong, but I suppose we will be finding out together.  Hmmm?  Are there new categories for laboratory grown “meats,” I wonder?

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