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Continuing the Conversation
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On 9/21/22 we had with us

Wiley Long, President of HSA For America

Scott Horton

You think Russia suddenly invaded Ukraine for no reason?
Why special Interests instigate conflicts

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“War is the health of the state”, as famous historian Randolph Bourne warned. It’s “a racket”, as Smedley Butler, the Marine’s highest decorated leader, added. Which begs the questions, for whom is it a racket? And how does violence help those running the government?

Mr. Horton of has become liberty’s top scholar on overseas interventions for some of us – because he names names. Truth seekers supporting Freedom Hub want to know who’s directing the policy, paying the bills, and profiting via the aggrandized power and dishonest wealth creation. 


Whether Yemen, Syria, Iran, Taiwan, or Ukraine, there are questions the compromised Media ignores. To principled Americans this is unacceptable, and suspicions run high when it comes to special interests with ties to global elitists.

Why, for example, did the media-enforced narrative condemn Ukraine skeptics as vociferously as the experimental shot skeptics were ostracized? Why is a coal miner in West Virginia giving up his income - and maybe life - to fight for slavs speaking variations of the same cyrillic tongue in an obscure sliver of land north of the Black Sea?

Why are Jewish Zionist leaders in Ukraine allying with holdovers of Hitler’s Nazi movement, to fight Russians who share a religion practiced by most Americans?

More broadly, why are we allowing our tax dollars to go towards nation-building, and Wilson’s century-old insanity of “making the world safe for democracy?” Isn’t Free Trade - President Washington’s admonition - good enough?  Maybe it’s time we start imaging – and pushing through – policy changes to cut off the banksters who are funding these blowback-causing interventions

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