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Continuing the Conversation
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On 9/15/22 we had with us

Richard Gage, AIA founder and former CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. 

Richard Gage

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Before the C0vid-enabled behavioral control schemes, was the 9/11-triggered anti-terrorist mass surveillance
How will we bring the C0vid perps to justice if we still can’t prosecute the 9/11 conspirators?

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Insurers are reporting huge percentage increases in death and disability post-Covid experimental shots, and the pharma ad-dependent media ignores it (except for Brian Kilmeade’s Fox interview of Tech Titan Steve Kirsch). 

Professor Sachs labeled as fraud the current investigation of C0vid corruption.  Self-thinking folks thought the same of the government’s “explanation” of what transpired in the 2001 terrorism. Will we ever get the truth on any of these false flag crimes against humanity?

Mr. Gage has been blowing the whistle on the controlled demolitions in New York since they happened over two decades ago. The results of the terrorism was mass violence overseas, mass surveillance of Americans at home, and as former Senator Coburn exposed - absolutely zero reduction in terrorism from the Homeland Security boondoggle.

And with C0vid offering those “in control” a convenient tool to ratchet up the behavior-manipulating goals they have, one might ask if there’s any barrier to them unleashing even more false flag terror in the future.

Richard’s quixotic campaign is still very active, and he’ll update Freedom Hub on whether we’re any closer to the truth since that tragic day in New York. Or whether there’s anything we can do to reverse course and restore a republic that can avoid these Deep State crimes against America.

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