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Continuing the Conversation
On 8/31/22 we had with us

 Lucia Sinatra, No College Mandates


Lucia Sinatra

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Why in God’s name are colleges nationwide still forcing students to risk their lives with the experiment?

(And how can we stop these maniacal policies?)


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With even the corrupt Centers for Disease Control finally conceding that the experiment offers no more protection against Covid infection than natural immunity, it’s outrageous that several colleges in each of the 50 states still mandate the experimental vaccines for which insurers and governments themselves are reporting Orwellian increases in excess death and disability.  Search universities in your own state to see the insanity.

It was tragic when a year ago - before the 2021 school year - a federal appeals court struck down a desperate lawsuit to spare students from having to play Russian Roulette with their futures or lives.  When universities started to mandate the jabs in July of that year, several high-profile medical professors warned against this dangerous move. Seventeen states banned Covid vaxx mandates for kids before college, yet 20-year olds are almost as safe from Covid as teenagers.  Vaccination for them makes no sense. Still, the health tyrants in academia won’t let go.  NPR just publicized the latest rigged study to defend their mandates:  an NBER working paper crediting college vaccine mandates with a 5% reduction in COVID deaths "in the surrounding population" last fall.  

No College Mandates has reached out to college presidents and the NCAA to acknowledge the truth – and to stop waging war on humanity on behalf of big pharma and whatever Great Reset behavioral control scheme is behind the hysteria.  Join Freedom Hub this week to learn how you can help stop this… and save our youth!

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