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Continuing the Conversation

With your host Charles Frohman and Co-Host Jim Grapek

Josh Yoder


On March 2, 2022 we had with us Josh Yoder, cofounder of US Freedom Flyers

Are Vaccine Mandates Endangering Travel?

Flyers have joined Truckers in the People's Convoy


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Early in the 2020 Declared “Pandemic” Emergency, one commentator opposed the rising, draconian lockdowns, urging instead to let international trade wear the Covid virus out via natural immunity.  Science since has recognized lockdowns as the worst historic failure in Public Health, resulting in zero abatement of spread but definitely sabotaging whole economies and the livelihoods of millions.  No one showed, on the other hand, any spread via what remained of a decimated airline industry.  Through subsequent mask and vaccine mandates, the dark money behind the order drove a wedge among humanity, setting us up for behavioral tracking that the current Freedom Convoys are seeking to stop.


For the pilots and passengers specifically, and indeed for all users of transport nodes, Josh Yoder has sought to protect the rights of unvaccinated travelers against the mandates of government and corporations.  Delta imposed unvaxxed surcharges on employee benefits.  United fired pilots on an “approval” from the Food and Drug Administration that never produced any available shots, an act so outrageous that it’s poetic justice that pilots seeking religious exemption gained reprieve in the courts.  Hawaiian Airlines employees tried to block their mandate but were denied by a judge.  Frontier imposed a mandate.  Plenty of countries forbid travel for the unvaccinated.  Truckers and shippers face similar limits.


Wonderfully, transportation workers have taken matters into their own hands.  They faced down Canada’s vicious government.  With the PEOPLE'S CONVOY Mr. Yoder will present how we all can assert our rights for freedom and health - and to travel unimpeded by politicized science.

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