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Continuing the Conversation

Jenny DeMarco & Mary Bauer

On 11/30/22 we had with us

Jenny DeMarco & Mary Bauer, Virginians for Safe Technology

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Informed Consent Implicates Wireless, So Smart Meters Need an Opt-Out!


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Even today nurses, students & soldiers lack informed consent with respect to the increasingly dangerous Covid shot.  If they refuse to participate in the experiment, they lose their livelihood. And the government still censors truth about the injection’s harms - including terrifying excess death reports from insurers, payers and govt’s.  It’s not just Pharma potions that lack informed consent, however.

Most Americans are having wireless antennas and smart meters mounted outside their bedrooms, offices and children’s classrooms - with zero informed consent.  Telecom conglomerates are suppressing wireless dangers, and forcing use of dangerous smart utility meters to avoid loss of electricity.

Recently a Virginia media outlet covered the disconnection of a half dozen families who refused smart meter insertion on their private property.  Knowing the NIH, WHO and myriad other studies on wireless radiation and dirty electricity injuries, these families informed themselves and denied consent to power companies and private telecom’s rogue operation by keeping their safe ANALOG electricity meter. And now water and gas utilities want to deny informed consent.

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