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James Lyons-Weiler

On 6/15/22 we had  Tessa James Lyons-Weiller, CEO, Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge


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Every Thursday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts a Zoom webinar from 12pm -1pm.

This Webinar is currently co-hosted by Charles Frohman and Jim Grapek, inviting a variety of innovative and freedom-loving activists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Please join us weekly and help us to continue the conversation. 

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Captured Health Regulatory Agencies are 
Killing Our Kids, and Science

This is it.  This Wednesday, pharma gets its puppets at the Food and Drug Administration to extend the Covid gene therapy injection emergency authorization to kids under 6 and as young as 6 months. That will be followed by the Centers for Disease Control recommendation to add it to the Childhood Vaccine Schedule, which will insure the drug companies have continuing immunity from liability.  Thus, should politicians defy their pharma overlords and repeal the emergency authorization, pharma could fall back on this other liability shield.

Who cares if a few (thousand) kids get hurt?  Obviously not the Biden Administration, who already procured some 10-million doses… even BEFORE it was approved!  Anyone else see a problem with this?

Dr. Jack, as friends are allowed to call Dr. Lyons-Weiler, has proven one of the best scientists for real, honest commentary during the past couple years’ Covid hysteria.  Like a lot of leaders, from the Orwellian corruption tyranny, he has birthed a plan to “fix the science.”  He calls it “Plan B”, and it includes an important educational piece he calls IPAK-EDU.  Before he talks about that, we’ll discuss the FDA’s threat to kids that’s starting on June 15th.

As Dr. Jack wrote in his popular “substack,” (which is a home for great writers whose truth doesn’t comport with the tender mercies of the Technocrats’ fact-checkers), he divulged the monstrous fraud of pharma’s studies on kids’ shots that the FDA will use to rubber-stamp authorization approval.  

Members of Congress have finally joined the pressure to stop the government from remaining a gutless tool of Bio-Tech interests, but we need to come together Wednesday to mourn the atrocity America’s government will commit that day – and brainstorm a plan for moving forward to reclaim scientific integrity and health freedom.

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