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Stocks and Trading Screen

If you have ever gambled, you may have heard the expression 'the house never loses.'  When it comes to having wealth, the same concept is true...and the house is everything around you from your mortgage to social security. 

You may feel is though you are on a life-long conveyor belt of payments, to only inch ahead year after year. It does not have to be that way and we will show you how to escape! 

Investing in Wealth

Stocks and Trading Screen

Could there be anything scarier than banking, investing, and insurance?  Get it right and you are living your life-long goals, get it wrong and in your retirement you are a paper-bag checkout person at your local grocery store, hoping you will die before the money runs out. 

This scenario should not be an option. 

So How Does This Happen?

The motivations of bankers, investors, and insurance agents are in direct contrast to your interests.

They sell YOU the products
That give THEM the greatest percentages on the sale

That's Why We Do It A Different Way...

Economic Benefits of Mutual Business Banking: Transparency is the Key

Mutual Business Banking™ (MBB) is a financial process created by Brian Bewley and Rich Keal, founders of Freebridge LLC, a financial services firm specializing in the structural integration of banking, investing and insurance. Simply put, MBB creates far greater transparency across these disciplines/institutions to minimize risks and costs dramatically.


The foundation of MBB is in large part based on the work of R. Nelson Nash, founder of the Infinite Banking Concept™ and faculty member of the Ludwig Von Mises institute, the preeminent source for the advancement of free market economics. His holistic paradigm shifting views continue to help us see an infinite number of opportunities.


As many are painfully aware, small business is heavily under attack in the United States due to many economic and political factors seemingly beyond our control. MBB was born out of a desire to achieve maximum financial efficiency beyond that which segregated financial institutions can afford while helping to re-establishing contracting among free people.


Some of the benefits you can expect from Mutual Business Banking are:

• Obtain a significant rate of return on cash

• Secure a line of credit as low as 3.5% • Increased asset protection

• Become more bankable

• Low cost life insurance as a byproduct

• Solves many succession and business planning issues

• Increased liquidity, use, control of capital

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Welcome to FreeBridge




FreeBridge is not just a financial services firm, it is an idea. In the 1930's, a landmark tax case was being heard by the US Supreme Court. Justice Louis Brandeis, remarked that two bridges crossed the Potomac; a toll bridge and a free bridge. He used this analogy to explain the useful social function of the individual taking the initiative and finding alternative solutions that both benefited themselves and society at large. This type of activity should not only be allowed; it should be commended. The tragedy in his words, was that so many did not know the free bridge exists.

Fortune  500


for Small Businesses

and Independent Contractors

Big Benefits For Small Businesses


By partnering with us, you and your employees will have access to the same level of benefits provided to large corporations, including:

  • Group Health Plans

  • Vision and Dental

  • Life Insurance including $20k

  • Short and Long Term Disability

  • 401k without the high fees

How my life insurance agent became my banker!

My commercial banker called me the other day to tell me that my business loan was approved for $750,000 on the condition that I buy a life insurance policy to cover the bank’s loan risk.


I asked him what kind and amount of coverage and he told me that he would have an agent from the insurance division of the bank call me with details. Read more,,,

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Are You "House Rich" and Cash Poor?

For starters, this is NOT a reverse mortgage! This is an innovation in recognizing that 14 million Americans have over 50% equity in their homes, and may need and want to access this. Check out this ingenious way to unlock your homes value! 

Increase Cash Reserves

  • Home Renovation

  • Supplement Retirement Income

  • Reduce Debt

  • Credit Repair

  • Investment Diversification

Suburban House
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