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The Pavilion Future


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We will be moving to a new, previously suppressed science model that recognizes that everything is fundamentally energy.  Embracing quantum and qualitative physics will not diminish us in any way.  Rather, it will enable us to advance in every facet of life -- from health and energy, to transportation, sustainable living, space travel, and more.



Our new healthcare paradigm will feature… 

  • Informed Consent at all times

  • No forced medical procedures of any kind                            regardless if there is a health emergency

  • Medical doctors will not be blocked from providing life-saving medical treatments

  • The state of national emergency, which facilitates corruption and extends the pandemic and unlawful W.H.O. influence over our health policies, will become null and void

  • Our focus is on supporting health rather than waiting to treat sickness

  • Where possible, natural and safe therapies will be tried first, before drugs, surgery and radiation
  • Conventional (acute care) medicine and Bioregulatory (health and chronic care) medicine will co-exist side by side, in their proper, respective places.



It is our job to be earth’s stewards.  Embracing a new science paradigm will enable us to do this, and begin the healing and restorative work that is needed. 

Soon-to-be-available non-polluting, “zero-point” power generation will eliminate today’s environmentally destructive fossil fuels, wind farms, and solar farms.  We will be able to grow healthier, more nutritious crops without the need for toxic pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers, and we will immediately begin modifying the global wireless network -- that is killing and harming many animal species as well as humans -- with currently available modifications that will make it safe.


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Working with independent and local farms, community greenhouses, and personal gardens -- and new, regenerative farming methods -- we will at last have access to plenty of organic, nutritious foods which are free from harmful additives and chemicals.  We will work to open up more opportunities for people and especially younger people, so they can put down their smart phones and give their green thumbs a try.

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Our new social "ecosystem" will 

be based around integrity, honesty,

personal responsibility, transparency, compassion, and love.  People, not corporations or politicians, will come first. 

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With so much of our culture – in every walk of life -- built on lies, we have hopefully learned what we do NOT want.  Now, it is time to live by what we DO want.  It is time to begin the healing process; to re-introduce all of the suppressed and missing truths in all disciplines -- most importantly the fundamental scientific truths about our reality -- and to set lofty, visionary goals for the future.  Internationally acclaimed author and luminary, Lynne McTaggart, sums up the coming paradigm shift like this:


“It is time to replace the 300-year-old science model -– the “operating manual” that Western society has been relying upon - and to relegate Newton and Descartes to their proper places, as prophets of a historical view that has now been surpassed. …The implications of this new story to our understanding of life and the design of our society are extraordinary.


If a quantum field holds us all together in its invisible web, we’ll have to rethink our definitions of ourselves - and what exactly it means to be human.  If we are in a constant and instantaneous dialogue with our environment… if all the information from the cosmos flows through our pores at every moment… then our current notion of our human potential is only a glimmer of what it should be. If we are not separate, we can no longer think in terms of ‘winning’ and ‘losing.’ 


We must reconsider how we choose and carry out our work, structure our communities, and bring up our children.  And we need to redefine what we designate as ‘me’ and ‘not-me,’ and reform the way we practice business, interact with other human beings, and even view time and space.” 


[For the record, there is no more “if.”  This “quantum field,” and the extraordinary, living, connected nature of our universe has been confirmed.  (See:  The Science of Love)

Yes! This is the future I want to live in. Please add my name to your mailing list.

Thank you for joining our movement!

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