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Every Wednesday and Thursday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts a Zoom webinar from 12pm -1pm.

This Webinar is currently co-hosted by Charles Frohman and Jim Grapek, inviting a variety of innovative and freedom-loving activists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Please join us weekly and help us to continue the conversation. 

We ask only one thing! Please view them on YouTube, Brighteon, BitChute, and Rumble and please like and subscribe!

On 10/27/22 we had with us

E. Michael Jones, Ph.D., founder & editor, Culture Wars

E. Michael Jones, Ph.D.

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History
An examination of the past 2 Millenia

One cannot understand reality without examining the role of the Jewish people in world history.  No one can deny curiosity in their story, the conflicts therein, and the implications for the future.

Drummed out of a literary college professorship for his conservative Catholic views, Dr. Jones left academia to write about the growing weakness of the Church in defending family values and preserving the religious institution as a bulwark for what he calls, LOGOS - a unity between reason and the lord, via Jesus Christ.

Rejecting Jesus, his fellow Jews never made it easy for the Christian religion - which persecuted the Jews in turn.  Gaining power through business and government, the Jews have maintained their side of the balance with Catholicism in a still-uneasy global play.

While Christianity is full of communists and criminals like any other group, Dr. Jones will present a critical look at Zionism and the role of Jews in revolutions, like the tragic Bolshevik destruction of Russia or the recent

neoconservative warmongering that’s bringing us to the brink of nuclear war.  His is not an indictment of all Jews. Indeed, Dr. Jones praises many Jewish leaders who have contributed as much or more than any Christian to the best aspects of society.

Today, though, when you look at the role of the powerful Rothschild family banksters in today’s global and very real Great Reset conspiracy, or the Jewish-led media and Hollywood film industry’s role in shaping the current dystopian Zeitgeist, the picture is quite damning.

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