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Continuing the Conversation
On 1/19/23 we had with us Dr. Christopher Macklin, Author, Healer, Lecturer, Spiritual Advisor

Dr. Christopher Macklin

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Have AI, Nanotech, and WOKE Culture Created a Mental Health Crisis?


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Over the past last few generations, there has been a documented increase in dysfunctional family and societal patterns.  These were both dwarfed and exacerbated by the damaging repercussions of the “Plandemic” and the rise of today’s upside-down WOKE culture -- where right is wrong and bad is good.  Because of this, our world is facing an unprecedented mental health crisis – one so great it has no historical reference.

Hailing from England, our presenter is Rev. Christopher Macklin, PhD – an author, lecturer, mental health expert and spiritual healer with over 250,000 followers on Facebook and experience with advanced ET technologies.  Dr. Macklin will share what he sees as the causative factors of this crisis – e.g., nanotech, AI, 5G, Wi-Fi, EMFs, a perturbed collective consciousness, and the 24/7 broadcasting of fear porn – and what people can do to support their mental health. 

In cities and urban areas especially, this crisis is compounded by many people living closely together —filling these areas with energetic toxins from things like stress, anxiety, depression, and unprocessed emotions.  And then there’s AI and nanotech, as well.  Even before the clot shot, nanotechnology was being ubiquitously inserted into our lives (and bodies) though our foods and personal care products, with little to no safety testing.


Yet, that’s not the half of it.  As the world becomes more polarized into the ‘sovereign awakened’ and the ‘normies’ – with our transhumanist global masters trying to run the show – we are called upon to do all we can to act from a place of love.  Maybe we can’t change minds, but we can still treat each other with heart-felt respect. 

It has been said in many of the ancient traditions – including the Bible – that mankind would at some point enter a period of revelations; that there would be an apocalypse... and end of the world.  Surely, that time has arrived.  But, could it just be the end of an old and dysfunctional world... and the beginning of a new and lighter one? 

As we continue to leave the ordinary behind, how can we use this opportunity to move into the extraordinary?  What steps can we take to help abate this mental health crisis, in our youth, especially?  Join us Thursday and be part of this stimulating conversation. 

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