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Continuing the Conversation
On 9/8/22 we had with us

With Adam Andrzejewski, Co-founder, Open The Books


Adam Andrzejewski,

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The Man who Finally Opened the Gov’t Books with his FOIAs
(and exposed Fauci’s outrageous payments)


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It’s insane that those we entrust with elected office can’t or won’t undertake proper oversight of the bureaucracy.  Trump was right.  Our Republic has been trumped by the Deep State.  Thank goodness for the small handful of investigative journalists and whistleblowers brave enough to risk ruin to give America the truth.  One of these investigators has produced - via THOUSANDS of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests - the itemization allowing, finally, proper scrutiny of government corruption.  

Mr. Andrzejewski’s investigations – many as part of a series of articles at Forbes – have been non-partisan.  They nailed Trump’s administration as well as Biden’s.  But, when Adam found the correct (and outrageous) compensation package of Pandemic Czar Fauci, one  that Congress apparently was not able to discover, Forbes CANCELED his column.  Is anyone surprised?


Why is pharma’s gravy train so off-limits, compared to other bureaucracy schemes?  Could this be just the tip of the iceberg?  Open the Books is cited in hundreds of reports, investigations, and even the President’s own budgets.

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